Paediatric and Neonatology

Paediatric and neonatology is subject regarding management of problems of newborn baby to 16 yrs child. Dr Supriya Ganesh Wakchaure managing this department. For any maternity hospital it is very necessory that paediatrician and neonatologist should avilable on time. We are proud to saying every birth in our hospital is attendend by neonatologist on time whether it is day time or night time.Every child delivered in our hospital receive vaccination before getting discharge. We achieve 100 perecent vaccination target. All this credit goes to our Paediatrician Dr Supriya Ganesh Wakchaure.

Services Avialble 

  1. Vaccination
  2. Phototerapy
  3. Routine Neonatal Screening
  4. Advanced Neonatal screening
  5. Well baby Clinic
  6. Growth Monitoring
  7. Nutrition during lactation for baby and mother
  8. Nutritional assesment of baby
  9. Dietory advice about baby food after 6 mths of baby
  10. Respiratory tract infection
  11. Urinary tract infection
  12. Baby not gaining weight
  13. Nebulisation
  14. NICU
  15. Warmer

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