Gynaecology (female genital problems)

Gynecology is subject related to female genital organ , if functioning and its problems. Our gynaecology department is one of the most advanced department in city of Navi Mumbai. Dr Ganesh Uttam Wakcahure is handling our department throughly. We are dealing with problems of newborn to problems of old menopausal lady. Female life is very complex regarding hormonal changes. Every woman has experiened this turmoil of hormone changes. We are here to ease life of every woman.

  1. Newborn girl
  2. Menarche- ( First Menses )
  3. Mensrual irregularity- PCOS
  4. Heavy Menstrual bleeding
  5. Genital Organ Infection
  6. Uterine Fibroids
  7. Ovarian cyst
  8. Chronic Pelvic ( Abdominal ) Pain
  9. Family Planning Operation
  10. Family planning opeartion Reversal
  11. Removal of Uterus
  12. Preventive Health Check up
  13. PAP smear
  14. Say No to Cancer
  15. Sling surgery
  16. Hymenoplasy
  17. Vaccination against cancer
  18. 3 D/ 4D ultrasonography for Uterine Anomaly
  19. Medical termination of pregnancy 
  20. Emergency check curettage
  21. Contraception ( Birth Control ) 


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