Now a days because of our sedantory lifestyle, stress and envoirnmental factors incidence of thyorid disease and diabetes problem are on increasing trend. We hereby helping patients to get it detected earlier.

  1. Thyroid - Thyroid is gland situated in neck in front of trachea. It function for our metabolism. Iodine is required for this gland. We get iodine from iodised salt. Usually we detect thyoid problem by testing TSH in blood. If TSH is more than 5.5 level it is lablelled as hypothyroidism and if less than 0.3 level it may hyperthyroidism. From our side we are providing this test along with T3 and T4 only for 300 Rs.
  2. Diabtes- Most popularly knows as Sugar problem. Now a days awareness of this problem is present in all community. Problem is patient are not checking sugar regularly. This will create problems in long run and damage kideny and eyes. Along with Matoshree Social foundation Ahmednagar and Horizon Diagnostics we have launched Jio Sugar Card to help all pateints. Keeping in mind patient often neglect repeated checking we have launched programme in which you have to pay only 500 Rs once and then you can get your sugar checked any number of time at zero cost. 


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