Obstetrics ( Maternity Services )

Obstetric is subject which is dealing with pregnancy, problems related pregnancy , labour ( Delivery ) and postdelivery ailments. Our Obstetric department is pillar of our hospital. Dr Ganesh Uttam Wakchaure is handling this department with 24 x 7 avialability. Our aim is repectfull delivery. We aim to make every birth special and ensure your hope and expectation are met in this special experience. Services available under this department are as follows-

  1. Pregancy Detection-
  2. Routine Antenatal Clinical Check Up-
  3. Routine Antenatal Blood check up-
  4. Routine Antenatal Ultrasonography-
  5. Special Antenatal Screening-
  6. 3 D /4 D ultrasonography
  7. Vaccination during pregnancy
  8. High Risk Pregnancy Management
  9. Antepartum pregnancy Monitoring
  10. Labour Management
  11. Painless Labour
  12. Postpartum Care
  13. Tender Loving Care
  14. Cord Blood Banking
  15. Garbhasanskar Classes
  16. Nutrition during pregancy and after delivery
  17. Problems like pain in abdomen and bleeding of spoting per vaginum during pregnancy
  18. OS tightening (uterus mouth stitching operation )
  19. Surgical emergencies during pregnancy
  20. Congenital problems detected in sonography. What next ?
  21. Caesarean Delivery
  22. Vaccume or forcep Delivery

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